• About us

    Kappa Group Srvices Ltd was established in 1999, and is a well-known and respected ship supply company, for the needs of Hotel, Deck, Electical, and Engine Departments of General Cargo, Tankers, LNG, LPG, and with special expertise on Cruise vessels.

    Firm is based in Piraeus, Greece and has many years of experience in supplying vessels at all ports on the Greek mainland and islands as well as major ports worldwide, as per the requirements of the client.

    Thanks to more than fifteen years of experience on every level of the hospitality industry as well as extensice knowledge of the marine sector, The founder has been able to develop an extensive variety of services for all types of vessels. The challenges for the company to provide their high standards of service and products on the most competitive rates on the market are met under the most demanding circumstances.

    Kappa Group Services Ltd has operated with great success and has been able to establish excellent working relationships with all their clients. The company sources its suppliers from withing Greece wherever possible in order to support the economy and is well versed in all the current certification requirements for items supplied.

  • Our Business

    Kappa Group Services Ltd can succesfully provide a wide range of brands & products popular across the globe.

    • Ship Supplies (Stores, Spares, Electrical)
    • Luxury Yachts & Megayachts
    • Industrial Products
    • Safety & Security Equipment
    • Logistics
  • Customer Relations​

    In order to build a healthy and sustainable relationship with our customers we treat them responsibly and with respect.
    At Kappa Group Services we try to be proactive focusing on advising our clients regarding our products and services
    as well as informing them about safety measures to be taken.


Our commitment and promise to our clients is that we will work diligently to deliver products that meet or exceed expectations


Constructive engagement for our people, performance and business ethos


Commited to high quality ship management services adding value to our assets, our people and the society