“Through rigorous testing, Dutrion® has proven effective in killing human coronavirus at a concentration of 200 PPM in 60 seconds. 

The addition of this claim is unique within the industry and allows Dutrion to say “Kills Coronavirus”.

Furthermore, Rotavirus, strain Wa, ATCC VR-2018, Dutrion is proven to kill this pathogen at a concentration of 400 PPM in 60 seconds. 

Upon Dutrion’s admission to the N-List, a third amendment to include is the African Swine Fever and a hard-surface sanitizer claim. 

Both of these tests were successfully completed at a concentration of 100 PPM in five minutes.”


“Clo2 assists in protecting the environment from harmful chemicals, dangerous bacteria and by-products formed from other disinfection methods. Chlorine Dioxide is rapidly gaining worldwide public acceptance. Dutrion solutions create the right environment for the chlorine dioxide molecules with a long biocidal effect and long lasting residual, for the right price and in the right packaging. We think that’s all you need….

The potential for our technology is far reaching; applications range from drinking water, animal health, food industry, bio security, etc. Almost 80 different claims have been described in EPA literature. In fact, anywhere microbial contamination is an issue, Dutrion can be the right choice.”

“Chlorine dioxide should not be compared to or confused with chlorine!”

“Dutrion Tablet ®  is a transportable, non-explosive, single composite chlorine dioxide tablet, once added to a specific volume of water, reacts quickly and safe into a long lasting active chlorine dioxide solution.”

Reasons to look at Dutrion Tablet®:

  • Very rapidly an active chlorine dioxide solution on site
  • No capital investment or power supply for generation required
  • Safe concept compare to other chlorine dioxide products
  • Simple mixing instruction for professional and non-professional end users
  • Dissolves quickly in hot and cold water
  • Problem solving purification for 1 liter up to 1 mega liter of water
  • All Dutrion Chlorine Dioxide Tablets are effervescent tablets in water
  • Packaging starts at 1 gram up to 5000 gram per unit
  • Certified according NSF.60/ANSI guidelines for potable water disinfection
  • Registered and available in many countries
  • Chlorine Dioxide Tablets can be used for 100+ applications
  • The chlorine dioxide solution has a long shelf life of 30-60 days.