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Kappa Group Services can supply hatch cover spares and all other cargo access equipment.
Furthermore, our experienced team specializes in many other types of cargo access equipment for many well-known names in the maritime industry.

We can supply most types of standard fittings/spare parts, including cleats, wedges, wheels, chain, and rubber packing directly from our stocks. The spare parts we deliver include rubber packing, bearing or support pads, quick-acting cleats, wedges, chain, wheels, and hydraulic fittings.
We support all different brands of hatch covers and RoRo equipment, including:
MacGregor, TTS, SMS Marine System, SEOHAE Marine System, Tsuji Heavy Industries, Nakata-Mac, Kayaba, Kvaerner, HuaHai, Coops & Nieborg, Rodenstaal, Mariner Ship’s Equipment, and many others.


Hatch cover rubber packing

Kappa Group Services provides various types of rubber seals for different brands. High-quality hatch cover seals are crucial for ensuring the weather-tightness of the hatch cover system. Our supplied rubber seals are made of high-quality material, guaranteeing a long lifespan. Our sliding rubber offers low friction, resulting in better sliding with minimal wear.
Our rubber packing with sponge core has strong solid skins that reduce damage. The sponge cores are made of natural rubber that offers the best compression and minimal wear.
With the help of an experienced K.G.S service engineer, we ensure that your hatch covers are properly aligned and that the rubber seals are given the correct compression.


Our range of fittings includes quick-acting cleats, wedges, chains, wheels, and stoppers. Using the correct type of fittings on your hatch covers is essential for the weathertightness of the hatch cover system. Using the correct types, adjusted according to specifications, ensures a long service lifetime of all parts fitted on both the hatch covers and the coaming.

Bearing pads

A hatch cover bearing pad, often referred to as a “support pad,” is essential to ensure the structural integrity of the hatch cover and hatch coaming structure against increased relative movements.
Hatch cover bearing pads from K.G.S are available in a variety of materials, including Bronze-Teflon, plastic, Hardox-Weldox, steel, and rubber chocks (Flexipads). We offer a wide range of pads to fit one-to-one with the original design.To replace bronze-teflon or plastic pads, our engineers have developed a patent “Pad,” a state-of-the-art plastic hatch cover support pad.

Hydraulic parts

Most types of cargo access equipment use hydraulics for opening and closing. With our large ship database and years of expertise,  we are able to deliver all hydraulic spare parts.




Kappa Group Services provides solutions for the maritime shipping industry with an expertise in supplying vessels, oil platforms, and their respective crews, at all the major ports in Greece and not only.

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